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Babu Rao, EzineArticles Basic AuthorGrant proposal writing is a skill that could develop with time and practice. Unlike olden days, skilled grant writers are the most in-demand professionals today. Having acquired these skills, you can opt for grant writing career, working as an independent contractor, full-or part-time development officer, consultant or as a freelance writer.

privacy picIncome potential of your grant writing career depends on various factors; hence, there is no single way to explain the limit of the income. However, what enables a good writer, to produce consistent cash flow?

Having acquired these skills, you can are free to work as an independent contractor, full-or part-time development officer, consultant or as a freelance writer.

Income potential of your grant writing career depends on various factors; hence, there is no single way to explain the limit of the income. However, let’s talk about enabling a writer to produce consistent cash flow?

How can an average grant writer or to that matter even a beginner could ever make a living through writing funding proposals?. As a writer, often I asked to myself some of these questions. I am sure some of you are thinking like me since we all have legitimate bills to pay.

 Myself being a grant writer of a faith-based organisation, realise that there are some attributes needed to be acquired to pursue your grant writing career. Regardless of my experience and position, I see these principles working cross-culturally. The said attributes are my observations, nether-less, you are free to have your opinion on any of these points. Let us have a look;

1.Flexibility: As a grant proposal writer you need to think and act as per your donor’s need, and the application process, which often keep changing. Hence, you can’t stick to one approach.

2.Goal Oriented: It is one thing to set goals and another to keep attaining those goals. Grant proposal writers don’t just set goals but often accomplish them, through focused efforts.

3.Skills of Research: Space limits me to elaborate this important topic. Research is not about scrolling thousands of pages or websites for information, but rather the ability of indexing quantified information to match the need. Matured grant writer acquires this skill with time and practice.

4.Tech Savvy: As more and more funders and donor organisations are upgrading to the paperless digital world, grant writers are required keep pace with this changing paradigm of technology.

5.Skills of Communication: Grant writers spend the majority of their time in writing, however speaking skills are equally important. These skills require for presentations and articulation of vision during donor visits.

6.A vision for your Passion: Grant writing is not all about money. You must be sold out for your passion. I firmly believe, that every grant writer carries love and gets associated with an organisation that he/she believes of having the similar passion.

7.Credibility: Writing develops trust factor between them and client – funder. Hence, grant writers should understand that ‘people give money to people’ not to organisations.

8.Multitasking Ability: Grant writer juggles from one end to other to complete the task, right from researching to submitting the grant application. Capacity to switch gears between different tasks makes grant writer a unique personality.

9.Inter-Personal Relationships: It is not the computers or robots, but humans make funding decisions. Developing a human relationship with donors and engaging them in field visits and presentations, as and when required is a must to any grant writer.

10. Persistence & Consistence: Timid personalities can’t survive as grant writers; since you need to be bold enough to accept rejections. It doesn’t matter how hard and well you have done. Rejections are common and may have various reasons. If you are known for being impatient, your grant writing career may not sustain in the long run.

These attributes are my observations; nether-less the list is not exhaustive. You are free to have your opinion on grant writing career, especially if you are pursuing it.  I would appreciate your valuable comments, do leave them at space below, or get in touch with me via social media.


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Rev Babu Rao is Founder-CEO of United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit, in New Delhi, India. He is a self-supportive missionary by call and passionate about grant writing skills. He wants you to learn the same and make a difference. You can catch up with Rao by clicking any of these social media icons.

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  1. Simple steps to think but powerful enough to the work. Thanks Rao for sharing these tips with passion. I am weak in some of these areas, now planning to work on these. Thanks again, im following u.

    1. Hello Amar, thanks for reading though, I am glad that it was helpful. Thanks again for subscribing our new letter, I am sure you will be able access many of our resources in days to come.

  2. If we think and do nothing then it is useless but If we fallow this and improve our skill and develop in this area than it is very helpful for anyone life or work. It is so good the one who want to learn this.

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