About Babu Rao

My FamilyHello, Visitor, this is Babu Rao, thanks for dropping by our site, you can call me either by my first name ‘Babu’ or by second name ‘Rao.

I am married to my beautiful wife and work partner, Jyoti Rao and blessed with three daughters. I currently work as Founder-CEO with United Gospel Mission, a  Non-Profit based in New Delhi

My responsibilities in this organisation involve Grant proposal writing, Project conception & planning, implementation, Staff/volunteers training, developing & implementing various projects related to Ministry & Non-Profit Management, Church Leadership Development, Child Development, Community Development, etc.

I am a self-supportive missionary by call and I am more than happy to serve my Lord, who saved me during my early young adult life. Hence, I am passionate to make lives better through creative opportunities.

Along with my Dad, I founded ‘Hope Ventures Pvt Ltd’, a for-profit company seeking to work with marginalised, along with future business in Digital Advertisement.

Why am I into this world of grant proposal writing? How is it relevant to my current work?

Of late in 2005, right after my marriage, I happened to found ‘United Gospel Mission’ along with my wife to train and educate indigenous missionaries of North India. Soon we realised that this can’t be possible without soliciting donors and supports to stand with us.

In this context, we started searching grant writing free resources, since we couldn’t afford to hire consultants to write grant proposals for start-up non-profit like us.

I started searching sample grant proposals and grant proposal writing free resources all across the internet while alternatively thought of attending grant writing classes and doing some grant writing course so that I train myself.

Over the last one decade, my search has taken me through various professional grant proposal writing process, eventually exposing me to gain different competencies, which now enabled me to write grant proposals. Hence, I gained ten years of ‘hands on training’ experience, in grant writing resources for my vision.

It is my time to give than taking.

What if I could come as a helping hand through sharing of my knowledge and experience, easing the pain of professional grant proposal writing. Not just as an expertise point of view.. but as a learner.. yes as a learner. I am looking forward to an exchange of ideas, thoughts and creative tech process of grant writing while expressing myself through my blog posts. I encourage you to scroll through our posts and pages and drop your valuable comments.

With Blessings

Babu Rao (Founder-GrantWritings.com)