How Proposal Writing Software Helps

grant proposal writing kitIf you are planning to hire proposal writer, think about how proposal writing software helps grant writing professionally. This can help you to get your next grant proposal application done?  The hiring of a professional writer will indeed save a lot of your time. However, working with a professional doesn’t mean you are totally handsfree.

The process still calls for your personal skills. To make sure that your grant proposal application progresses efficiently consider the following.

Since grant proposal writing is highly competitive in nature, it requires preparedness for any writer. Often at the last hour, grant writers are asked to handle the job in the middle of an extream tight deadline.

At this situation, your grant writer may reject due to lack of time or last hour rush. If this is your scenario, you are pushed to back door more often requiring you to write for yourself.

Don’t you think a proposal writing software, with pre-designed proposal template, packaged as Proposal Kit will help you get the work done quicker?

What is your immediate goal?

Are you currently replying to an LOI ( Letter of Inquiry) or RFP (Request for Proposal ) requiring you to submit in a prescribed format? Are you looking to print beautiful copy of the proposal for a board meeting? Let the grant proposal writer know the deadline and final format meant for a specific audience.

What do you expect from the Proposal Writer?

This might seem obvious- that are seeking your proposal to be written. But apart from this, are you expecting the writer to lay out the pages, or format pdf or print final copy?

Will the writer create graphs or charts or other visual as per your expectations? Will the cover be appealing? What about the review process? Will the writer consider and get comments from others?

What is your budget for payment?

All writers are not same; they differ in levels of experience, competence and expertise. You may get cheap deals from your known circle, but if you happen to hire little Susie, the odds are that she will create more drafts than final product taking much longer time than you may think off.

In the case of the professional writer, you can negotiate a flat rate for your proposal. However if the writer is insisting for a contract spelling out the terms and conditions, go for it. While

While drafting the contract keep room for renegotiation, if you or the writer fail to fulfil your responsibilities in a timely fashion, this can be reworked. Experienced writers expect hourly payment, but chances are you will save much time during the project with little hurdles.

What about the info for the writer to Work With?

At this stage all the information that needs to go into the proposal is important. Get all the documents and digitised visual data to be incorporated in the proposal. Or is the information required in still in the brains of various individuals, such as program officer, marketer or manager? In this situation, the writer has got this data from all these to include it in the proposal.

Alternatively, is there an example of a proposal, your organisation submitted in the past, if so this can be used by your writer as a reference? In the best case scenario, let the writer have an outline for that proposal along with a sample proposal. Compile a list of all computer files with needed information to fill in the outline. Let the writer also have a list of important points to be covered in the proposal.

Are you considering the tools – what if the writer needs a desk and computer at your workplace? How about software availability? Will you be able to provide templates or proposal writing software for the writer to use?

If you are starting with a specialised proposal package, such as; Proposal Kit , this can make writing more efficient, since it contains sample proposal, instructions, along with more examples.

Proposal writing software such as, Proposal Kit can help your writer to produce a better proposal with organised and professional-looking content and pages.

What is your Timeline ( Schedule)?:
The timeline to create a professional proposal depends on how elaborate the proposal is, the number of people participating, and how organised everyone is. Consider this for your Timeline (Schedule):

• Required research time
• Required time for first draft writing
• Required time for first draft review
• Required time for the second draft and incorporating comments
• Required time for final review
• Required time for changes in last review
• Required time for final proofread of all pages
• Time for final production of PDF or print copy of proposal

Research time can be saved if the writer starts with all the required information in hand. Let the writer collect all the necessary information in advance saving much of the research process time.

If you hand over an outline for your proposal, the writer could make the first draft more efficiently. The package of Proposal Kit can help the writer with articles about the successful proposals. Every proposal requires at least one review and then final proofread.

A simple proposal, might take only an hour or two. But complex projects with many sections may need more reviewers before approval.  When all reviewers are satisfied, it is time for final proofread before creating the final copy of the proposal. The final proofreader should be done by someone other than the proposal writer.

What is the Summary:

Summary of this article is to get organised. If you happen to hire a professional proposal writer, this process can speed up your proposal writing the project, By meeting all the above-stated requirements, your road to hire a professional proposal writer must be clear.

Using professional-looking quality proposal will give you a better final document presentable on behalf of your organisation, thus increasing credibility and professional trust. It will certainly fetch you the required funds if done professionally. Hence proposal writing software certainly comes handy.

You can have a look before ordering. Available as instant Download Proposal Kit that best works your needs.

Write a Grant Proposal and Get Funded:

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