Fundraising Resources for Non-Profits

If you are seeking some sound Fundraising Resources for your Non-Profit, I recommend you to have these. Your Fundraising skills can be honed to Raise more funds with the tips in these books. By Terrence Fernsler .

The Influential Fundraiser: Using the Psychology of Persuasion to Achieve Outstanding Results By Bernard Ross & Clare Segal. 319 pages.

This book provides nonprofits with the skills to inspire and motivate donors. Going far beyond basics, it describes five ingredients you need to achieve fundraising results:

1. Passion must exist before you begin asking for funds. Once you focus your passion, you can work to understand people’s motivations so you can stimulate their passion for the cause.

2. A proposal is how you define the problem and solution. Sometimes the proposal is written, sometimes oral. In either case, the authors recommend using powerful metaphors in the proposal to spur emotion.

3. Preparation builds confidence. It’s important to have a preferred outcome in mind, then set boundaries for acceptable alternate outcomes.

4. Persuasion comes about by building rapport through skillful use of language. Find and match the communication preferences of your prospect.

5. Persistence is the final ingredient. Most “no’s” are qualified. Continue communicating while maintaining rapport. The authors present exercises to hone your skills in each step. While the tools aim to make you a better fundraiser, they’ll also give you a better advocate for your cause.

Fundraising: 50 Proven Strategies for Successful School Fundraisers By Frank Sennett. 148 pages.

In this short book, Frank Sennett offers ideas and lessons for raising funds to support schools, although other organisations will find these fundraising strategies effective, too. All the fundraising events involve volunteers and are especially appropriate for young volunteers.

When involving youth in fundraising efforts, Sennett urges, find opportunities to instil healthy habits that will carry forward into their adult lives, such as recycling printer cartridges and cell phones.

Sennett advises specialising as much as possible when planning an event. If putting on an auction, for instance, offer only one type of item, such as getaways or meals with celebrities.

Creativity is the key to all of Sennett’s suggestions, to make your event stand out. Also, be sure to make your event fun so that participants will want to continue to be involved.

How to Write Fundraising Materials That Raise More Money: The Art, the Science, the Secrets By Tom Ahern. 192 pages.

Tom Ahern gets to the point with each topic he discusses in this book, writing just the way he believes fundraising materials should be written. He provides trade tips that will spur people to action. First, make sure your written materials are focused toward the donor (or prospect). Use the words “you” and “your” a lot.

Show readers how they can play a part in your organisation’s success. Next, be clear about your message. Know what you do well, and why, so you can explain it clearly and directly. Know your goals, and why help is necessary to reach these goals, so you can influence how the reader will respond. Remember to repeat your message. This is something

nonprofits tend to be timid about. Each time you repeat your message, open with something new or interesting to grab attention. It’s okay if your donors don’t read everything in your material (in fact, few will!)

Don’t set your expectations too high; each new fundraising channel may result in just a trickle, but, as Ahern writes, those trickles grow and converge into a river of support to help raise more money.

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Rev Babu Rao is Founder-CEO of United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit, in New Delhi, India. He is a self-supportive missionary by call and passionate about grant writing skills. He wants you to learn the same and make a difference. You can catch up with Rao by clicking any of these social media icons.

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