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Your Grant Proposal Writing Plan is not just for Foundation’ support.

grant proposal writing bookOnce you decide to seek foundation and corporate funding, you must prepare a grant proposal. If you can afford a grant proposal writer or at least a private grant “tutor,” then you may not need this book (although your grant writer may want it).

But if your organisation is like most nonprofits, with less staff, Winning Grants Step by Step is ideal. Leading you concisely through the steps to getting the grant, it makes you think about our program and how to present it. It is more focused than a class or workshop, and can use over and over again.

The author, Mim Carlson, establishes the basics of grant proposal writing at the beginning of the book. Your grant proposal will be better if you keep these key points in mind throughout the process:

  • Make the proposal easy to read.
  • Make it brief.
  • Adapt it to the funder’s concerns.
  • Write in simple terms.
  • Support every fact.
  • Write in a real style.
  • Show clear connections between cause and effect.

The workbook section of the book consists of a series of exercises, beginning with program planning. As Carlson makes clear, you need to develop a solid program plan before seeking grant funding; you must never develop a plan just to get a foundation’s support.

Each step in the workbook brings out the strengths and shortcomings of your plan. Thus, it’s an excellent way to evaluate your grant proposal writing strategy. This feature makes the workbook invaluable.

Carlson does not do the work for you. She walks you through the process, letting you fill in the blanks. You’ll systematically work on each section of the proposal: need statement, goals and objectives, methods, evaluation, future funding, then the budget.

Carlson doesn’t make the mistake of having you write your introduction first. As all professional writers know, you write your introduction after you’ve prepared everything else

Unlike some books on grant writing, Carlson recognises that a grant proposal writing does not take place in a vacuum. Thus, she includes sections on getting ready for and following up on the project. The author notes, for example, that you need to develop relationships with foundation and corporate funders.

She also provides an appendix on researching funders. This section is brief but straight to the point. Many nonprofits seeking grants spend too little time on this subject and end up missing opportunities. Carlson recognises that there are different types of proposals and that you.

May need to adapt the workbook steps to fit some of them. She is clear that one format does not suit all. This book can help you prepare any grant proposal. What she gives you is an excellent form to help you go through the workbook process quickly yet develops a thorough grant proposal.

This book shows remarkable ways to get your material and thoughts organised and to be sure you don’t miss any important steps. Do the exercises one by one, and you will end up with a fully developed and efficient grant proposal

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