Grant Writing for Beginners

The grant writing is a vast area, expanding into more and more sub-subjects. If so how would a book cover such a broad range of topics, help grant writing for beginners? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. The publisher sought the expertise of an experienced grant consultant to write this book and make sure the subject is covered well to help grant writings.

In fact, this may be one of the best tools for finding government grants. It takes you the right to the best sources and describes, briefly but clearly, how to use them. It also explains how to find foundation and corporate grants and how to make sure you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket.

The author, Bev Browning, starts with the most fundamental principle of grant writing: Match funders to your project, not your project to the funder. She details each component of a grant application, explaining how to show that your organisation is the best suited to carry out the project.

Other books may help you connect the parts of a proposal better than this one, but not in such short space. Browning provides poignant questions you can ask while preparing your grant and evaluating your project. Be sure your budget is ethical, Browning asserts. To do so, you must be as accurate as possible, explain how numbers are calculated, and show all potential sources of funds.

Grant writing for beginners may be a tough job, but they will find this book easy to read, even for the non-professional unfamiliar with grant writing terminology. It is an excellent, comprehensive book about grant research, preparation, and follow-up, especially useful for people who write grants but not as primary responsibility person for the same.

The chapters are laid out in a proper sequence and broken into easy-to-read parts. It is chock-full of tips, with easy references. Grant Writing for Dummies is appropriate for all, who need to raise funds, regardless of their positions.

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