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Start your own Grant Writing Services Business

Few days back, while I was browsing through web pages, I happened to drop by an online forum, to find an interesting quote by a visitor. That said;

“I can find courses, which teaches grant writing. but I don’t think that there is any course for grant writing services, I want to be a consultant since I worked enough as grant writer”.

This person was seeking a to create grant writing services business, as a job for himself and many others.

The situation differs if you are at the beginning or intermediary stage. I would recommend reading my previous article on How to choose grant writing course, taking you through next steps.

Now let’s talk about, starting your grant writing services, otherwise know as grant writing consultancy. I am glad to give out some tips for the initial launch of this ambitious initiative, which I am sure will be taken to next level while you work carefully perusing your vision. Here are some of the ways to go forward,

Build Your Personal Brand: It is all about YOU. Your name should reflect who you are, your knowledge of the subject, convictions, strengths and weaknesses.

Keep building your social relationship through public participation, online presence, and being a student of the subject. Building personal brand takes time, so be prepared to start from ZERO.

Sketch your Business Plan: How do you want to operate? Since you have just started, are you planning to be a solo entrepreneur, starting right from your home? Think about these issues as a business, operating from home.

Grant writing is a flexible job, where you may not get regular work. Sometimes, you may have more than enough, needing assistant grant writers to pull some work. You need to have Team approach while sketching your long term Business plans.

Shortlist your Services: Make a list of services that you are planning to provide to your clients. Be careful, your income depends on the quality of these services.

Services I mean such as; funding searches, advising, evaluation, training, and nonprofit consulting are all related to grant writing. So don’t just depend on grant writing service only. Your strengths and experience would count here.

Work on your Budget: Finance plays a significant role in any start-up business; hence, you need to plan each and everything meticulously, so that you save as much as you can. Remember ‘money is money earned’. No need to put all those fancy things around such as hiring office space, printing glossy office supplies, so and so forth.

In a short while, you will come to know I have some cost-effective steps that can give you a quick launch with minimum budget, which I have highlighted below.

Market Your Services: It is one thing to have services and another thing to sell those services. As a startup, you may not have much money to invest, but allot your time to make this business grow by taking the word out.

In the world of technology, you must have a marketing plan that includes having your website or some social media account. I don’t encourage Facebook account killing your time, but use it productively used for your business.

Need some Grant Writing Services business startup Guide to put you on the fast track to success!

Then take serious steps. Business Plan Pro can help you in this.

Take time to learn everything you need to know to get started in this lucrative industry. For example, you will need step-by-step guidelines, along with hundreds of samples formats and information that include:

  • Who needs grants
  • Types of funders
  • Finding grants
  • Understanding a funders’ guidelines
  • A to Z of the grant proposal
  • Effective grant-writing techniques
  • How to confidently run your business

If you enjoy researching, with some writing and speaking skills, with passion, then you could be a successful owner of a grant writing services business. This guide provides you with a one-of-a-kind grant-writing toolkit showing you on how to use it to win funding for your clients. Whether you’d like to write for your needs or full or part time, for your customer needs, this guides you to be a seasoned pro. Click here to more and explore for yourself.

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