Grant writing Course

Understanding Grant Writing Course 

On the other day, while I was browsing through web pages, I happened to stumble at an online forum, to find an interesting quote dropped by a visitor. This is what it said;


“I am able to find online grant writing courses, that teach grant writing.. but I don’t think that there is any course for grant writing consultants, I want to be a grant writing consultant, since I worked enough as grant writer”

In other words, this matured grant writer was asking for more while beginners and novice writers are just looking to brush up their writing skills.Though skilled grant writers are the most in-demand professionals today.

It seems this high lucrative career among the writing job, is still out of reach for many since the learning curve becomes steep, making it difficult to progress, without right coaching and training.

However if you could make it, grant writing career could fetch you work as an independent contractor, full-or part-time development officer, freelance writer or even as a consultant.

If you have made up your mind to get enroled in some kind of grant training course, let me take you through these thoughts to clear up some cloud.

Just ask for yourself;

Is grant writing a subject of my passion?

Is grant writing a subject related to my career ?

Will I be enjoying studying grant writing course?

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Course instructor is Dr Beverly A. Browning a national grant consulting veteran, will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions that you can use your grant writing skills to start your own home-based business. You’ll learn what services to offer, how to find clients, and how to set your fees. For details click Writing Effective Grant Proposals

About Dr Browning the Course Instructor

Dr Browning has authored over two dozen grants-related books such as; Grant Writing For Dummies, Grant Writing for Educators, How to Become a Grant Writing Consultant, Faith-Based Grants: Aligning Your Church to Receive Abundance, and Perfect Phrase for Grant Writing Proposals. She serves as a facilitator for; faculty member at the U.S.Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management and a current member of the American Association of Grant Professionals.

Through your grant writing services and creative writing skills, you will be literally touching thousands of people making a true difference in their quality of life.I am sure that, upon completion of any of these courses, you will be on your way to make a progress.

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