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town-signWay back in 2004, as a project manager of a child development project, I happened to attend a grant writing workshop on capacity building, sponsored by an International non-profit. This workshop opened my eyes to realise that, competency matters not just the certificate of completion. So now I am aware choosing grant writing course may not be easy for a beginner.

Over the time, several such workshops and classes have drastically improved my grant writing skill level. My point is take something that triggers your competency, not just a certificate. Since you are here to figure out best grant writing course or grant writing classes for your own personal or career growth. Let me encourage you, to ask few questions to yourself, before proceeding to choose a course or class that best works for you.

Ok then think for a moment.

  • What are you seeking to learn ? do you have specific goals for it?
  • Are you comfortable learning with a group or you prefer individual learning?
  • Do you prefer online self-paced method? Or you require physical classes with time frames set?
  • Are you seeking to earn education credits for your career or college?
  • What if you can’t afford the cost? Will you settle for trying free grant writing course.?

As you try answering these questions, I am sure you will be able to discern best grant writing course for yourself. It is not a matter of free or paid, but it should fetch the value for time and energy you will be spending on it. You should be able to research and decide before proceeding.

Note that skilled grant writers are the most in-demand professionals today. Having acquired these skills, you can are free to work as an independent contractor, full-or part-time development officer, consultant or as a freelance writer.

Having said this let me talk about grant writing courses now. In this context, it would be appropriate for me to mention about online grant writing courses are offered by Education to Go

It is worth mentioning here about Education to Go (Ed2Go) offering affordable online courses. They have proved to be the industry leader in affordable online learning for adults, providing highest-quality courses through a network of over 2,100 top colleges and Universities.


Course instructor is Dr Beverly A. Browning a national grant consulting veteran, will give you easy-to-follow instructions that you can use your grant writing skills to start your own home-based business. You’ll learn what services to offer, how to find clients, and how to set your fees. For details click Writing Effective Grant Proposals

About, Dr Browning, the Course Instructor.

According to Ed2Go website, She has authored over two dozen grants-related books such as; Grant Writing For Dummies, Grant Writing for Educators, How to Become a Grant Writing Consultant, Faith-Based Grants: Aligning Your Church to Receive Abundance, and Perfect Phrase for Grant Writing Proposals. She serves as a facilitator for; faculty member at the U.S.Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organization Management and a current member of the American Association of Grant Professionals.

Through your grant writing services and creative writing skills, you will touch lives of people making a difference in their quality of life.I am sure that, upon completion of any of these courses, you will be on your way to make progress.

Not just a grant writer, but be a future grant writing services consultant and change your life along with other, who you serve. Let me leave this for you to decide and proceed further.


Interested to know more, I highly recommended for further Reading, Grab these Grant Writing Books from Best Seller Amazon Store 

Grant Writing For Dummies, 3rd Edition serves as a one-stop reference for readers who are new to the grant writing process or who have applied for grants in the past but had difficulties. It offers 25 percent new and revised material covering the latest changes to the grant writing process as well as a listing of where to apply for grants.

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About Babu Rao

Rev Babu Rao is Founder-CEO of United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit, in New Delhi, India. He is a self-supportive missionary by call and passionate about grant writing skills. He wants you to learn the same and make a difference. You can catch up with Rao by clicking any of these social media icons.

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  1. yep I was planning to take up a classes, but not sure and got confused. thanks for clearing up some cloud around me..i have gone for it. keep up the work dude.

    1. Hi Andrew.. good to hear from you that my article helped you to decide for a course. Yes I too had similar issues years back, and now as grant writer I am well aquatinted what other go through. Have all the best in your classes.

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