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Babu Rao

Dear visitor, thanks for dropping by our site and I am sure you will be interested to know a bit of me and my story. I am Babu Rao; you can call me either by my first name ‘Babu’ or ‘Rao’.

I am married to my beautiful wife and work partner; Jyoti Rao blessed with three daughters. I currently work as Founder-CEO with United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit based in New Delhi, India,

I am a self-supportive missionary by call and I am more than happy to serve my Lord Jesus, who saved me during my early young adult life. Hence, I am passionate to make lives better through creative opportunities. I also founded ‘Hope Ventures Pvt Ltd’, for-profit company, based in New Delhi seeking to work with marginalised, along with future business in Digital Advertisement.

By the way, how did I get into this world of grant writing?   Is it relevant to my current work?

Absolutely YES. I  don’t want to be another blogger posting irrelevant things. But I live my talk; I involve at the core of it. My responsibilities with my organisation require project conception & planning, implementation, staff/volunteers training, developing & implementing various projects related to Ministry & Non-Profit Management, Church Leadership Development, Child Development, Community Development, etc.

Let me take you to pioneering part of my Story.

Of late in 2005, right after my marriage, I happened to found ‘United Gospel Mission’ along with my wife to train and educate indigenous missionaries of North India. Soon we realised that this can’t be possible without soliciting donors and supports to stand with us. In this context, we started searching grant writing free resources, since we couldn’t afford to hire consultants to write grant proposals for start-up non-profit like us.

I started searching sample grant proposals and grant writing free resources all across the internet while alternatively thought of attending grant writing classes and doing some grant writing the course so that I train myself.

Over the last one decade, my search has taken me through various professional grant proposal writing process, eventually exposing me to gain different competencies, which enable me to write my grant proposals. YES, now I write grant proposals for my organisation while fulfilling my vision & passion.

I am sure as you hear my story, you too have a story to tell. If grant writing is what you are seeking, you are at right place. Let’s learn skills that change lives one at a time.

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Thanks for hearing my STORY.

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About Babu Rao

Rev Babu Rao is Founder-CEO of United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit, in New Delhi, India. He is a self-supportive missionary by call and passionate about grant writing skills. He wants you to learn the same and make a difference. You can catch up with Rao by clicking any of these social media icons.

4 thoughts on “My Story of Grant Proposal Writing

  1. A great story and a great work. Encouraged by the story and the journey you and your family are on to be a difference in the world.

    This is a need for many organizations. Helping them to tell their own story in an effective manner.

  2. It’s a great story and inspiring to many around the world. Also gives the demonstration of how people can be effective in writings.

    1. Hi Dineshji, my learning came through a tough journey, at times discouragement. But still we learn from them. I thought worth sharing my part of the story.

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