Reviewing Grant Writing Software-The Proposal Kit

Don’t be surprised, if grant writing process turns into an uphill task when time is short while the deadline is getting closer.  

Here comes the role of a professional best grant writing software for non-profits; Proposal Kit, that I came to know when I needed it most. I thought of sharing my experience as a review. 

While Reviewing Best Grant Writing Software-The Proposal Kit, I will discuss how it works, how it fits your current needs, for whom is it made, along with some minor limitations and drawbacks. You will know where to get the best deal if happened to buy it online. By the end of this review, you should have a pretty good idea if ‘The Proposal Kit’ is right for you. 

               Reviewing Proposal Kit Professional Bundle, Proposal Pack and Contract Pack

Name: Proposal Kit
Website:  https://www.proposalkit.comproposal kit software for grant writers
Price: $79 to $199
Owners: Ian Lauder 
Overall Rank: 4.5 of 5   

Product OverviewProposal Kit is a writing software geared to meet needs of various types of grant writing proposals or businesses. It comes with templates of a proposal; you choose to pick from thousands of templates. The Pro version is value for money. You get not just the Proposal Pack but with ‘fill in the blank’ templates, some sample templates filled with design along with quite a few other products.

This professional kit also includes a whole range of contract tools as well. For those who never used to write formal grant proposals or business contracts, this product is ideal, since it comes hundreds of proposal templates, sample proposals, project estimate spreadsheets, planning checklists, example project layout, and much.  This downloadable product is easy to use with fully editable features.

Product Options for your to Pick: Briefly, here are the options, you can select as per your need. There are 3 choices i) Proposal Kit Professional ii) Proposal Pack iii) Contract Pack. All these 3 are downloadable instantly and accessible for quick setup quick right after ordering.

i) Proposal Kit Professional:  proposal kit professional
If you are seeking both proposals pack and contracts pack along with, project management sheets, estimate spreadsheets, then I suggest Proposal Kit Professional, since it is the most comprehensive software package, along with expert wizard.  This bundle includes Four Proposal Packs,  Six Contract Packs, Proposal Pack Wizard – Expert Edition software, One custom logo design Proposal Pack of your choice, Two Title Page Packs plus additional material at a steeply discounted price.

ii) Proposal Pack:proposal pack for non profits
If you are seeking to write just one, two or more proposals with sample templates, at entry level proposal writing software then Proposal Pack, is the right one for you.  It also works for all types of such as; business plans, invoices, quotes, RFPs, grants, resumes, reports, studies, plans and other business documents. Comes with options for many visual design themes that you can choose.  You can brand the design to your company logo, and colours or you are free to choose hundreds of pre-made logo design themes in vector artwork and professional stock photography. Each model can be purchased separately.

iii) Contract Pack:proposal kit contract pack
If you just need speciality legal contracts with entry level contract management software then get a Contract Pack. Contract Packs are available for information technology, internet services, graphic design, human resources, photography, media, advertising, marketing and general contracting. All the packs have the same templates but the graphic design is different in each. This is a stand-alone package [and can be used as add-on styles to the Proposal Kit Pro/Standard bundles]. You don’t need to purchase the other kits if general business is what you need. If you are handy with graphics you can customize your own proposals and contracts by making your own graphics which you can then use with the kits.

   Does Proposal Kit Work in my System 


proposal kit works on all systems

Proposal Kit product templates work all cross the platforms and are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, Macintosh OS 8, 9 and OS X and Linux. However, Proposal Pack Wizard automation software only runs on Microsoft Word for Windows 2007 to 2016. The Wizard is not required for use with the templates and is an optional component.

Mac users running Parallels with Windows in a dual-boot system can run the Wizard in the Word for Windows partition.Our templates also work in many word processors, including Microsoft Word including Office / Word 2003 to 2016, Office 365, OpenOffice, StarOffice, Word Perfect, Google Docs, iWork, Pages and Appleworks.

Who is the Proposal Kit for:

I observe that this product fits for all, both in generic and specialised form. It doesn’t matter if you are professional grant writing professional, website developer, photographer, video producing, graphic designers, computer programmer or any other type of technology related business, Proposal Kit has something for everyone. For example, ‘fill in the blank templates‘ can be for a general purpose so that anyone can make use of them. However, this also includes thousands of other pages with ‘explicit material’ as the samples so people can see actual written content for various business situations or categories.

The best tool for new grant writing professionals,  web designers or small design companies starting out on a limited budget; contracts are expensive in a proposition. While, contract package can’t replace an attorney, but could a good starting point for you. As an independent grant writer, designers/developers, you may be able to use the contracts. But if in doubt or need additional clauses, be sure to consult a contract attorney.

My Personal Thoughts About The Product: 

From a professional grant writing position for my Organisation, I found this product to be quite useful. I took a while to read through all their extensive help files. However,  I was able to figure out how Proposal kit helped me in saving much of time.  If written without it, I know how more time it might have taken.  Besides the time factor here is what I feel:

The Pros:

  • The best tool for professional grant writing business and independent grant writers. With all the needed information and documents in one place to help you jump start.
  • Works across all operating systems ( Mac & PC) and Word formats.
  • Lifetime customer support and updates up to 2 years, seldom you get from other similar companies.
  • Option to choose Bundle Pack or Standalone Products as per your need.
  • Bundle Pack comes with Free additional products and much-discounted updates
  • Killer features such as layouts, logos, outlines, etc. are Fully editable and custom made.
  • Extensive Library and FAQs sections address all your questions to troubleshoot.
  • Dedicated help centre with setup Videos and Tutorials

The Cons:

  • The Contract Pack is very specific in nature, may confuse you with terms which you might not have heard before, or you may mean something else in your context. Hence you need to consult you local attorney/lawyer to add additional clauses, or to make changes in the current format. But be sure to refer to a contract attorney.
  • Too many files and templates may sometimes seem overwhelming to first-timers, especially if you are using Professional Pack

Proposal Kit Training & Support:

The support offered with the product is outstanding. Dedicated help centre makes things easier. You need some time to get the product, but I assume you will soon settle down using the video tutorials. Remember this comes with Lifetime support.

My Final Opinion of Proposal Kit Product:

Of course, this seems to me much practical, since the product is impressive. I find this as one of the best grant writing software for non-profits.  If you are a Professional Grant Writer, I am sure this can help you save much of your time.  On the contrary, you might have spent much time to retweet all your past or old forms and layouts, each time you work on a new grant proposal. The might be true even for other writing professionals.

I hope this review article might have served the purpose and helped you through. Do let leave your comments or thoughts about it. It is encouraging to hear from readers such as you. Have great day ahead.

Where to Buy:

Name: Proposal Kit
Website:  https://www.proposalkit.comproposal kit software for grant writers
Price: $79 to $199
Owners: Ian Lauder 
Overall Rank: 4.5 of 5   


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Rev Babu Rao is Founder-CEO of United Gospel Mission, a Christian faith-based Non-Profit, in New Delhi, India. He is a self-supportive missionary by call and passionate about grant writing skills. He wants you to learn the same and make a difference. You can catch up with Rao by clicking any of these social media icons.

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