Steps To Write Wining Grant Proposal

Proposal kit for grant writingIf you are on your way to write a grant proposal, no wonder your task is now to win it. However don’t you think, what exactly it takes to write a winning grant proposal.

Broadly speaking, the grant proposal is a document in which you are offering, something to a donor in exchange for his financial investment into your project. That ‘something’ could be a product, a service, solution or even an idea about to start in near future if funded.

In essence, a proposal identifies a pressing need. Define that urgency or at least summarise it. Then the next step is to offer or suggest a solution for that need. A need and its solution form the basis of a proposal. Can be presented as short as a one-page letter or over a hundred pages long.

Perhaps your need could be seeking grant funding, loan, equity funding, or another form of in-kind support.

Or at times, you are offering the solutions such as; products, services, or ideas that other want or need. Proposal Pack can handle the situations, which may include:

  • Grant proposal funding
  • Government grants( state/local)
  • Funding business proposals
  • Publishing book proposals
  • Letter proposals
  • Proposals for Research
  • Buying & selling business
  • General business proposals
  • Federal grant proposals
  • Government contracts
  • GSA contracts
  • Request for proposals
  • Technical & Non-technical proposals
  • Product sales proposals
  • Services proposals
  • Short form contracts
  • Sales letters
  • Business documents
  • Estimates

So it is evident that statements of needs and descriptions of the solutions are critical for all proposals. Sometimes the needs might have been described in detail in a Request for Proposal (RFP), if so then the writer of the proposal will respond to each item in the RFP, in the format required.

At the same time, it is also important to convince the proposal reader that, you have got the solution for the mentioned need.

Write Wining Grant Proposal: Phase One  – ‘Plan your Work.’

Completing a complex grant proposal can be a bit overwhelming, but Proposal Pack contains the required proposal development checklists to keep you on track. Take print outs of this list as you work your way through the writing process of proposal.

Step one is to get organised and complete your required research. Make sure you understand who your audience are? For whom the proposal is? What information do the readers already have? Get all the needed information about your prospective client or donor. The information should help them to make a decision.

Gather all that you need to pitch your proposal; record of your project or your organisation; website links; brochures; photos; illustrations, product descriptions; price lists; and so forth.

Step two is to clear all that you want to say in your proposal. Introduce yourself and your capabilities, products, and objectives. Tailor your introduction to match the audience explain what they need to know. Be to the point- include specific facts and statistics. Don’t put vague generalised statements. If possible, back up with professional certifications, awards, and endorsements, adding credibility to your proposal. Have a look at these sample proposals in the Proposal Pack to get some ideas.

Write Wining Grant Proposal: Phase Two  – ‘Work on your Plan.’

Now it is time to work on your plan. Get the proposal format filled with information and data, if you don’t have one, no worries. Have a look into these predesigned Proposal Pack templates that cover a variety of topics, which you may include in the proposal.

The Proposal Pack Wizard works fine in tune with your required format. This writing software assembles all the selected templates to produce single proposal document as output. At this stage no worries, about the perfect final copy of your entire proposal. You will get it in a while as you edit and give it a unique look as per your need. You can now always add or change these templates at any point in time as per your proposal pages or format.

Now your basic proposal structure is in place, take all your content and construct your final proposal copy by filling in the blanks, generating estimates, narrating financial information, etc.

Each of these proposal templates has instructional information to guide you through. Included financial calculator spreadsheets can help you to figure out costs, budgets and numerical information. Credibilty increases and so your win rate, if you write your proposal in a way that instils trust.

Now comes the review stage. Don’t assume it can catch all the errors, use spell check. Allow someone else to check for grammar and spelling errors or misplaced information. This is critical if you copy content from other samples or recent past proposals (see Stay Out of Trouble Copying Proposal Examples to get to know the risks of copied content).

Give adequate time to review, to read and scrutiny through your proposal for accuracy. At the same time look if or not the proposal is persuasive in nature, if not work on to improve it further.

Write Wining Grant Proposal: Phase Three  – ‘Execute your Plan.’grant proposal writing kit

Now your masterpiece proposal is almost close to submission. Create the final copy for print out, if needed convert it to PDF. Give final touches, to make sure everything looks professional and ready to send it on its way.

Haaa! Take a deep breath; you are now finaly done. Wait till you hear from them. If not do a follow-up. If your proposal is rejected, analyse what went wrong and find another opportunity to resubmit it.

Proposal Pack includes templates for follow-up letters and checklists to help you to address post-submission issues. If your proposal is granted, then you are obligated to complete other reporting documents such as; mid-term grant reports, contracts, work orders, non-disclosure agreements, etc. Proposal Kit Professional includes an extensive collection of pre-written documents/templates, to help you with your post-grant obligations.

As per your need, all types of grant and business proposals document can be produced, with Proposal Kit. It includes templates, healthy samples, contracts, and instructions to help you write a winning grant proposal.

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