Writing Jobs

freelance writing jobsTalking about writing, I am passionate to explore anything related to writing or writing jobs. My curiosity led me to study few other writing opportunities that can be capitalised by grant writing professionals or by any aspiring writers.

The huge need is growing for quality content since the digital world is alarmingly growing and you don’t want to be spammed right?

Don’t we often think that online writing jobs are limited to websites, blogs and print media (magazines and newspaper)? However, there are plenty of other opportunities, providing financial freedom.

Let me introduce you to some of these possibilities, known as freelance writing.

1.Grant Writing: Yes, of course, we will continue talking about this subject in depth as we progress, however, it is worth to note that grant proposal writers often work as freelance writers. Their job is to prepare persuasive proposals, hoping it would convince board members or grant making committee award the grant.

2.Blog Writing: If you are new to blog or blog writing, just read through this site. In fact, the current article you are reading is a blog page. But the articles on the right sidebar are known as blog posts, which I keep publishing on a regular basis. Since I enjoy writing them. Blogging can give you recognition, eventually giving you an opportunity to earn through advertisements and affiliate programme sales.

3.Web Content Writing: Nowadays every other business is trying to have an online presence, meaning the domain of web content is growing rapidly. Website owners and webmasters are seeking quality web content to feed their online presence and serve their customers. Even beginners can find writing jobs to produce content for web portals.

4.Writing Web Copy: Web copy is writing a sale page or promotional campaign for a website, with an intention to draw traffic and generate revenue. The purpose here is to engage the visitor while arousing interest in a product or service.

5.Writing Corporate Copy: If you have polished language, and well aware of business practices, then this is for you. Jobs such as writing brochures, promotional campaign covers, corporate policies or employee manuals, are covered here.

6.Writing for Magazines: Venturing into writing projects for magazines could be profitable since this may eventually make a way for you to enter into the print journalism career. Though it seems to be difficult to make it, with all the fierce competition. Developing relationship with editors and other staff could pay it off.

7.Writing Business Plan: If you are a business person or had some experience with business, then it is for you. Usually, banks or capital ventures funder require feasibility report along with Business plan to support the case of a new startup company. There is growing need in this sector and by writing business plan once can make lucrative income

8.Writing for Technology: This purpose of technical writing is to create user-friendly instructional manuals for ordinary person avoiding technical jargon, which may confuse the end user. Obviously, will affect sales; hence, there is a growing need for professional writers at various levels.

All the opportunities mentioned above are my personal observations. I am sure there is ample of room left to add many more writing jobs. Leave your comments and feedback without hesitation at any of our social media links.